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Meet Waco’s Womanpreneur, Emily Mills

July 11, 2018
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Influencing Entrepreneurial Growth Across Central Texas: Our Meeting with the McLennan SBDC

June 25, 2018

The McLennan Small Business Development Center serves as a vital resource for entrepreneurs and innovators in Central Texas. The organization is staffed with experts providing business counseling, referrals and networking events at low or no cost to the entrepreneur. We had the chance to meet with Steve Surguy, McLennan SBDC Director, to gain insight on…

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Onsite at WacoWork: Rapid Fire Interview with Marshall Stewman

June 7, 2018
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Get Schooled on WIBO’s Role in Waco’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

May 16, 2018

Waco’s entrepreneurial community is a puzzle composed of many vital pieces. One of those pieces is City Center Waco and WIBO–Workshop in Business Opportunity. WIBO is a program offered across the country, but more importantly right here in Waco, Texas. We sat down with City Center’s Megan Henderson to gain a clear understanding of the…

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21 Questions with Entrepreneur Mastermind, Cory Dickman

May 7, 2018
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In-depth Look at Kevin Renois, Co-founder of Start Up Waco

April 27, 2018

Fresh out of college, Kevin Renois, Co-founder of Start Up Waco, noticed the need for an organization devoted solely to supporting entrepreneurs and connecting them to existing resources. While working alongside other Waco influencers, Kevin was able to plant the seed for the initiative in the community, and has continued watching it develop into the…

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April 17, 2018

These are exciting days for Start Up Waco. After a year-long journey of gaining insights into the best models for stimulating and supporting entrepreneurial efforts in a community, and taking a hard look at what’s in place and what’s missing in Waco, this community-wide effort is rolling forward. The plans we are working from are…

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How a Dream and a Juicer Changed the Game for Summer Shine

April 4, 2018

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell, but few can match the rags to riches narrative embodied by Summer Shine, owner and Head Juice Slinger at Luna Juice Bar. Shine’s entrepreneurial journey began after abandoning a lifestyle of drugs and addiction – one that followed an intense pattern of extremes. “I was either eating well,…

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Featured: Start Up Waco on KCEN

March 29, 2018

Start Up Waco’s “Hustle” co-working space will offer collaboration and guidance to entrepreneurs Author: Jasmin Caldwell Waco is becoming a budding spot for young entrepreneurs with fresh ways to capitalize on the city’s notoriety.   Start Up Waco is a non-profit organization that helps new entrepreneurs get started with their business. The organization wants to turn…

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Meet the Backbone of Start Up Waco: Dr. Greg Leman

March 13, 2018

Start Up Waco continues blossoming in the Waco community by establishing support for entrepreneurs ready to make their mark in the world. While Start Up Waco is responsible for connecting the dots for startups, and providing greater visibility to support organizations, who exactly is the backbone of Start Up Waco? Dr. Gregory Leman, Executive Director…

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