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ICYMI—Mission Marketing: Integrating Your Mission into Branding & Marketing Strategies

Every business owner has probably heard of a mission statement, but have you heard of Mission Marketing? August’s Bank & Brews workshop was all about just that— integrating your company’s values, goals, and mission into your brand and marketing strategy. 

First things first, does your company have a defined mission or set of values? If you’ve struggled with this, there are a few things to remember:

  1. Your mission is so much more than just a statement! It should provide direction for every aspect of your business based on your values—from day to day operations to achieving your long-term goals. 
  2. Your employees are a valuable asset in defining your mission and values. Ask them what they love about working at your business or what they think sets your company apart.

Once you’ve determined what your business is truly about, it’s time to strategize how you will make it a part of your brand. 

A great example of how this is Subaru’s Love Campaign. Subaru created an entire campaign on what they, and their customers, love—life, outdoors, pets, and their Subaru vehicles. With this insight, Subaru created memorable commercials. In this commercial, a father’s love for his little girl is shown as he hands her the keys to the family Subaru. 

At Extraco Banks, one of the ways we show our commitment to family and communities we serve is by celebrating Dream Day. On National Make Your Dream Come True Day in January 2019, we surprised several of our customers with money to help them fulfill their dreams. Each of our branches were able to choose how to distribute the money to their customers. This event is our way of saying thank you to our Extraco Family for letting us be a part of their daily lives.

For the Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo, their mission is to produce events for education, entertainment, and agriculture that support youth scholarships. The 2019 H.O.T Fair theme is Building Bigger Dreams, and by hosting the Fair & Rodeo, they can do just that! In 2019 they have awarded over $150,000 in scholarships to Central Texas students.

The H.O.T. Fair & Rodeo is composed of several different pieces including live entertainment, rodeo events, and carnival rides, and a livestock show. While each facet of the event is different, H.O.T. still incorporates their mission and values into each piece.

By recognizing your mission and how your business can positively impact others, you can use Mission Marketing to show the public what you care about. In turn, your audience will see why they should care about you! By aligning values, your audience is that much more likely to appreciate and be a customer of your business.

Join us for our next Bank & Brews workshop at Hustle Co-working on September 17th from 12-1pm. More information coming soon!

Information about Bank & Brews

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