Alexa Wible of Alexa Wible Fitness is breaking barriers in the fitness industry and shares her Good, Bad & Ugly of entrepreneurship, as well as gives us a little insight on a tough market she is breaking into!

Is there anything that has kept you from achieving your goals? 

The biggest thing that has kept me from moving forward has been fear. This fear comes to me in the form of feeling inadequate, not educated enough, or that my customers or clients will be disappointed with something I have to offer. I’ve been in this game for a while, but I still honestly face these fears daily. I realized over time that the fears and lies may not go away, but I can decide to practice how I’m going to respond to them. To me, that means taking action and allowing the “worst case scenario” to be a possibility, knowing that I am able to pick up the pieces if I need, change, learn, and grow. I don’t just ignore the fact that I could fail, but I have to decide that failure is not the worst thing and that I can still move forward in my services and business, even in the face of failure.

What’s your greatest weakness in managing your business?

My greatest weaknesses are prioritizing what needs to be taken action on first and also taking investment leaps for my business. I have lots of ideas and get excited about things very easily, but then my implementation is all over the place. I am a new mom, and I do most of my work from home while managing a 7-month old baby. Nap times are coveted and the thought of “what needs to get done first” can easily paralyze me. Also, just to be honest- Investing money in myself and my business is really hard for me. I feel guilty anytime I need to make a purchase, and can only see the fact that that money didn’t go to something else like paying off our car or saving up for fixing up our house. I’m still trying to figure out the balance of saving/being resourceful, and just biting the bullet.

What’s your greatest strength in managing your business?

I have a lot of passion, desire, and knowledge about something most people don’t know much about! I may not have the perfect grammar, most curated pictures, or cool videos, but I believe that I’m talking about things people don’t usually talk about, and people trust what I have to say because of it. I get more and more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

What new market are you trying to break into?

I’m currently breaking into pregnancy & postpartum training, so I am shifting some of my focus to pregnant & new moms. My biggest hurdle right now is educating and breaking through the noise of our society and culture, to open women’s eyes to realize what they actually need.